My Biography

All realtors are not created equal. If you are thinking of hiring one now or in the near future you will want to know a bit about them. Each has their story and this is mine.


I was born and raised in Ottawa and moved to Calgary in 1978. I’ve always been in sales and customer relations type businesses. Very early in my career I sold ladies fashion, then photocopiers, then office furniture.

Nothing prepared me for rejection more than selling photocopiers in Calgary in the late 1970’s. The city was in the middle of one of the first of many oil booms. Xerox and IBM were the big boys and I represented a lowly little unknown Japanese company called Sharp. At that time “Made in Japan” was almost a dirty word. I would walk into an office on a cold call and the receptionist would say “Do you know that you are the third photocopier sales person I have seen today and we have a Xerox so no, thank you we are not interested”. Sometimes they didn’t even say thank you. I hated cold calling.

From there I graduated to office furnishings where I got a little more respect. I had a client list that included a number of large companies like Shell Oil. They would buy floors of furniture at one time so that was fun for a while but then the oil industry crashed and no one was buying anything so I moved to Vancouver.

All the while I kept thinking there must be something better that I could be doing with my life. In the mid 1980’s I went back to college and took Marketing Management. I loved it. It was fun and exciting and it opened all kinds of new doors for me.

After graduating I was fortunate to work for one of the most well read and successful community newspapers in the country…Vancouver’s Westender News. There is no better test than an ad in a community newspaper to learn what works and what doesn’t in a hurry. Not only did we sell the ads but we had to design them and help produce them as well. The paper came out Thursday morning. By Friday morning you knew whether your ad was a success or a failure. It was my best job yet.

Following the natural progression of things I spent a couple of wonderful years working with clients and then I moved into the management. It was OK but I wasn’t on the front lines anymore and I wasn’t happy.


I really wanted to do something that “made a difference” and that’s when I found real estate. What could make more of a difference in people’s lives than selling their home when they needed to sell or helping them find the perfect home when they were ready to buy …and helping ensure that it was a happy and positive experience for them all along the way?

I had found my calling. It took nine months of schooling just to get my license and that was the beginning of a learning curve which has never stopped.


That was 1992 and now in 2016 I am an Ottawa Realtor; still doing what I love and loving what I do, helping good people achieve their real estate goals. The model of the market has certainly changed over the years and continues to change at a rapid rate. But one thing has never changed and that is the people involved in the buying and selling of homes.

There is something about me that hasn’t changed either…and that is how much I love this business and how important it is to me that I do it right.


I will never rush you or push you in a direction that you don’t want to go. I will let you set the pace. I will always put your needs before my own. I will provide you with all of the information that you need, at the time that you need it so that you can make informed choices.

When it comes to selling real estate I have no personal agenda; my only goal is to make sure that you are happy.

When you make the decision to move forward, I will be there for you 24/7. I will share my 20+ years of industry knowledge and experience with you and I will listen carefully to your questions and concerns.


The thing about selling real estate is that you are always looking for a new job. This is my resume. If you like what you see please send me a note or give me a call. I would love to meet with you for an interview. Let’s sit down and discuss your goals, your time frame and the concerns you have; then see if we can come up with a personalized plan that will help you to get where you want to go.

Please review my list of personal references. Click on Happy Clients and read what they have to say about my services. If you would like to speak with some of them in person, that can also be arranged.

Thanks for taking the time. I hope you enjoy my website and that you find it helpful and educational. I designed it just for you.